What Does A Tarot Reading Tell You?

What Does a Tarot Reading Tell You?

I feel that there are nearly countless things that the Tarot can tell you. Tarot works like a direct line to the Universe! More specifically, the Tarot can shed Light on our most personal concerns as well as our everyday lives. The following are some examples…

Seeking Answers

If you’re feeling stuck or confused about your current situation and want to understand yourself and the situation better, learning how to read tarot cards or getting a reading is a great first step.

Decision Making

At times you may feel as though there is no hope of figuring out what to do, tarot can help you to find the clarity needed to make better decisions.

Personal Growth

You might find yourself repeating the same destructive patterns in your life and can’t figure out how to stop. Tarot has a magical way of taking us deep into the heart of a matter and showing us the Light of Truth. Tarot is a tool for self-reflection and can help us to find our own solutions.

Increased Intuition and Awareness

If you aspire to nurture and grow your spiritual awareness and increase your level of intuition, studying the tarot will help you to do that.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is about making the subconscious- conscious and the unacceptable- acceptable. That’s all you are trying to accomplish. A mistake you’ll make with shadow work is judging the shadow when you spot it. If you do not silence your inner-critic and you judge the shadow, you are back to where you started- rejecting your flaw and re-fueling the shadow.

Soul Care

For people who don’t see themselves personally represented in traditional religions, tarot is an effective way to engage yourself spiritually, and that can help you to find more purpose and meaning in your life. I find that working with the tarot gives me strength in troubled times because it shines light on the truths of any difficult situation’s I find myself in. Sometimes, when people are anxious and depressed, it’s a sign that their soul needs nurturing, and tarot connects deeply with the soul. It’s a really great tool for opening the subconscious as well as the unconscious mind and for figuring out what’s really going on below the surface. Tarot has a way of transforming self-care into soul-care.

Excerpts above are from my book

Tarot Deck in a Book
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