Hello, and thank you for joining me here!

To welcome you, and so you may get to know me, I’d love to offer you an introductory half-price Tarot reading with me.

To claim your half-price reading, please ‘Book a Reading‘ and select one of the ‘Introductory half-off reading’ options. I will look forward to serving you!

“When you drop the idea of predicting the future, you start to experience the cards as a mirror of the psyche. That`s when playing with the tarot becomes a path to wisdom.”
― Philippe St Genoux
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I have found that drawing a card electronically over the internet or through an app on your phone can be surprisingly accurate!

Hay House, for instance, offers numerous card reading apps. So, I thought it would be fun to offer a free reading experience on this website. I hope that you will find it useful 😉

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